For Mark Roberts Use: We all know, or have heard of, someone who never went to the doctor for regular check-ups. Then, one day, they frantically make an appointment. A lump was discovered or some other unusually distressing symptom popped up. Tragically, this person discovers that they have developed a serious illness, that could have been prevented or at least detected in an earlier stage, had they visited their physician sooner.

In this sense, the process of caring for your financial health is not much different from caring for your physical health. We all think we’re doing just fine… until we aren’t. Failing to attend regular “check ups” can cost us some valuable opportunities or “preventive medicine”.

If any of these situations apply to you, you need a check-up with a financial advisor.

You’re thinking about retirement. Whether you’re early in your career or almost ready to retire, preparing for retirement is something everyone must do. Since no one wants to look back and realize they missed valuable planning opportunities, regular appointments with a financial advisor are key to a sound, comprehensive retirement plan.

You’re already retired. Retirement planning doesn’t end on the day of retirement. Staying on top of your finances, including planning for distributions and taxes, is a key component of maintaining financial health throughout retirement.

You’ve received some unexpected money. At some point, many people face decisions regarding a large, unexpected sum of money. Whether from an inheritance, a major promotion, or even gambling winnings, good luck can quickly turn into bad luck depending upon what you do with that money. Consulting with an experienced financial advisor can help you decide how to put that money to work for you, and make it last.

You’ve been procrastinating. You figure you’ll visit a financial advisor when it’s time to retire, or when a problem occurs and you need advice. But what if consulting with a financial advisor could have kept that problem from happening in the first place? Remember that time and money are closely related; the cost of missed opportunity can be great, so put your money to work for you now.

You’re a do-it-yourselfer. Many people simply prefer a DIY approach to everything in life. And that’s an admirable quality! But checking in with a financial advisor can lower the risk of mistakes. It’s entirely possible that you’ll only discover that you’ve done everything perfectly… But now you’ll sleep even better at night, knowing that for sure.

If any of these situations sound familiar, give us a call. We can help you identify any potential pitfalls in your current plan, and take advantage of upcoming opportunities.