Why You Should Still Carry Cash

There’s been a lot of talk about becoming a “cashless society”. Most of us pay for purchases with debit or credit cards, or even through our phones. You’ve probably even noticed that many self check-out lines have gone cashless. Some retailers are considering the concept of ditching cash entirely. And yet, there are several good [...]

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Estate Planning During an Emergency

During times of emergency or pressing health concerns, many will find themselves in a rush to consider estate planning decisions. We want to stress that ideally, you will have taken the time to carefully consider your options and draft a complete estate plan with a qualified attorney before an emergency situation strikes. However, that is [...]

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The Deadline for Filing Your 2019 Federal Income Taxes Has Been Extended

While the nation grapples with the coronavirus outbreak, lawmakers are convening to determine solutions that will help us all through this time. One decision will help taxpayers breathe a sigh of relief: The deadline for filing your 2019 federal income tax return has been postponed to July 15, 2020. The new deadline applies to everyone. [...]

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A New Law Might Affect Your Estate Plan

For Mark Roberts' Use: Aiming to make retirement planning more accessible to many Americans, Congress passed the SECURE Act which was signed into law in December. The law lifts a few key restrictions that once created unnecessary obstacles for many as they planned for retirement. However, one part of the law might actually complicate your [...]

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