Is the Time Right for a Roth Conversion?

We often think of market downturns as bad things, but we can also reap some benefits from the situation. In particular, this might be the right time to pursue tax-saving opportunities such as a Roth conversion. What is a Roth conversion? When you first established your retirement account, you choose between a traditional or Roth [...]

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5 Moves to Make With Your Tax Refund

Receiving a nice, fat tax refund check can provoke quite a bit of temptation. You might consider rushing off on a dream vacation, or at least purchasing an upgraded home entertainment system. But if you view your tax refund as a chance to get ahead and change your circumstances, it can make a significant difference [...]

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6 Reasons to Pay Off Your Debts

You’re always hearing about the high cost of pay interest on debts, especially credit cards. And of course, no one enjoys wasting money! But there are even more reasons that paying off your debts can be a very wise decision. Freedom. Not only are you free from those notices that keep showing up in the [...]

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6 Ways to Play Catch-Up With Your Savings

We all know that saving for retirement is important. But when life throws unexpected events our way, savings can take a backseat to medical bills, a necessary move, or some other major expense. If you realize you’ve fallen behind, the following strategies can help you catch up your retirement savings. Increase your earnings. It seems [...]

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Why You Should Still Carry Cash

There’s been a lot of talk about becoming a “cashless society”. Most of us pay for purchases with debit or credit cards, or even through our phones. You’ve probably even noticed that many self check-out lines have gone cashless. Some retailers are considering the concept of ditching cash entirely. And yet, there are several good [...]

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Estate Planning During an Emergency

During times of emergency or pressing health concerns, many will find themselves in a rush to consider estate planning decisions. We want to stress that ideally, you will have taken the time to carefully consider your options and draft a complete estate plan with a qualified attorney before an emergency situation strikes. However, that is [...]

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