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A New Law Might Affect Your Estate Plan

For Mark Roberts' Use: Aiming to make retirement planning more accessible to many Americans, Congress passed the SECURE Act which was signed into law in December. The law lifts a few key restrictions that once created unnecessary obstacles for many as they planned for retirement. However, one part of the law might actually complicate your [...]

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Warn Your Adult Kids About These 5 Common Financial Mistakes

For Mark Roberts' Use: If there’s one thing most parents want to pass on to their children, it’s financial wisdom. You’ve been young yourself, you’ve made some financial mistakes, and you’re hoping your kids can learn from them. That can often be the case, since financial mistakes aren’t subject to quite the same generational value [...]

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New Scam Alert: Know the Signs

What would you do if someone called to offer you a free healthcare product that sounded as if it might help you? In the event that you experience regular discomfort or pain, you might jump at the opportunity to try something that might bring relief - especially if this person promises to handle all Medicare [...]

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