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Watch Out for Scams This Tax Season

For Mark Roberts' Use: Are you ready for tax season? Unfortunately, criminals are certainly ready, and they’ve been planning their tax season scams for months now. As you prepare to file your return, be on guard against these five common types of tax fraud. Strange phone calls. If someone calls you, pretending to be from [...]

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5 Common Financial Roadblocks

For Mark Roberts' Use: In the past few years, you might have seen encouraging reports on the state of the economy. Unemployment is low, and in general we’ve seen positive trends in the stock market. Of course, many people’s feelings about the economy are still divided along party lines. But with regard to personal household [...]

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Did Your Medicare Costs Increase?

For Mark Roberts' Use: As retirement planners, we always remind our clients to anticipate potential rising costs throughout retirement. That way, you can adjust your budget and withdrawal schedule accordingly. The cost of healthcare is one of those fluctuating expenses. While Medicare and supplemental insurance plans can help you keep your expenses more predictable, their [...]

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How to Avoid Social Security Scams

For Mark Roberts' Use: Imagine you receive a phone call, and the voice on the other end of the line informs you that they are a representative from Social Security. This person goes on to tell you that due to suspicion of illegal activity, all of your accounts have been suspended. Unless you call another number [...]

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What Should You Do With That Old Life Insurance Policy?

You’ve maintained life insurance coverage for years now, because you understood the importance of protecting your family in the event that something might happen to you. But as retirement approaches, or if you’re already retired, you might be thinking about that decades-old plan. Your children are grown and self-sufficient, so do you still need that [...]

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