Will Social Security Receive a Raise in 2023?

To some degree, Social Security payments can help insulate retirement incomes against inflation. For example, the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) this year was 5.9 percent, due to the considerable inflation we saw in 2021. But with inflation continuing to accelerate, will we see an even larger COLA in 2023? It’s possible. The Senior Citizens League has [...]

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Top 10 Ways Retirees Waste Money

We definitely want you to enjoy your retirement years. At the same time, living on a fixed income can be challenging for many people. And the last thing you want is to run out of savings too early. So watch out for these ten common money traps. They catch more retirees than you might think! [...]

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5 Most Affordable States for Retirees

One of the great things about retirement is the freedom you can experience in your life. Not only can you determine your own schedule, seven days per week, because you aren’t tied to a desk anymore; you can even live wherever you want to! And that’s great news with the cost of living rising so [...]

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This Tax Law Change Will Impact Retirees

Your retirement account helped you accumulate savings for retirement, while enjoying valuable benefits during your working years. Now it will (hopefully) provide income throughout your retirement years. Every so often, the IRS issues changes to their rules that can impact how you utilize your retirement account. This year, a new change should benefit many current [...]

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Things to Know About Required Minimum Distributions

Much of retirement planning revolves around saving and investing for several decades. So you might imagine that when retirement arrives, all you need to do is start taking withdrawals from those retirement accounts. Not so fast! You might be surprised to learn that retirement planning continues after retirement! In particular, you should strategize your distribution [...]

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