Things to Know About Required Minimum Distributions

Much of retirement planning revolves around saving and investing for several decades. So you might imagine that when retirement arrives, all you need to do is start taking withdrawals from those retirement accounts. Not so fast! You might be surprised to learn that retirement planning continues after retirement! In particular, you should strategize your distribution [...]

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6 Ways to Stretch Your Social Security Income

When we talk about retirement planning, we consistently stress the idea that no one should rely on Social Security to completely fund their retirement. And yet, 31 percent of working Americans have accumulated 0 dollars in savings. Many others have saved very little. And so, it appears that a number of households expect to rely [...]

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How to Reduce Your Debt Before Retirement

Planning for retirement essentially requires you to approach your finances from both directions: How will you set up dependable retirement income, and how will you spend it so that you stay within a reasonable budget? To address that second point, entering retirement free of debt, or with as little debt as possible, is one of [...]

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You’ve Reached Age 50; Now What?

Once we reach age 50, most of us feel as though we have our careers on track and our finances in check. But what about your retirement plan? Are you building toward a secure future, or do some areas of your financial life still need some work? Ask yourself the following six questions to assess [...]

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Surprising New Statistics on the State of Retirement in the US

After spending much of your career planning for, and dreaming about retirement, you’ve finally hit the home stretch. Retirement is just around the corner and you’re getting excited. Hopefully, there won’t be any surprises, but checking on the status of other people’s retirements can help you prepare. These statistics can clue you in on what [...]

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5 Decisions to Make In Your Sixties

Once you hit your sixties, you’re in the home stretch toward retirement. At this time, you need to confront several big decisions and make plans for certain parts of your life. If you’ve reached this decade and you’re approaching retirement, consider these five decisions carefully. Decide when to claim Social Security. Social Security deems “full [...]

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