The Top Four Retirement “Do-Overs”

For Mark Roberts' Use: They say hindsight is 20/20, meaning it is always easier to look back at the past and see things more clearly. Most of us have experienced situations in which life experience illuminates the reality of past mistakes. That’s why many retirees often preface statements with the words, ‘If I could do [...]

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One Simple Way to Save More for Retirement

For Mark Roberts' Use: Back when you first started working for your current employer, you filled out a number of forms regarding taxes, insurance, and your retirement fund. Most likely, you established an automatic contribution to your retirement account. You chose a certain percentage of your paycheck to divert to savings, signed the form, and [...]

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Early Withdrawals Can Cost You

For Mark Roberts' Use: You already know that because Social Security won’t provide enough income for most retirees to live comfortably, establishing your own retirement account is incredibly important. You took that step years ago, and have been saving faithfully ever since. On the flip side, many people never stop to think about how detrimental early [...]

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Leaving Your Job: What About Your 401(k)?

These days, it’s rare for an individual to stay with the same company throughout the duration of their career. You will probably face the decision of moving on to greener pastures someday… But what about your employer-sponsored 401(k)? Do you have to leave it behind? No, luckily you will have options. Generally speaking, most workers [...]

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No 401(k)? You Can Still Plan for Retirement!

When we talk about saving for retirement, we’re often speaking to those who have access to an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan. But what if your company doesn’t offer this option? You wouldn’t be alone; about 38 million working Americans don’t have access to this type of retirement opportunity. But you still have options… First, talk to [...]

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