A Major Medicare Bill Could Change Your Future Benefits

For Mark Roberts' Use: With millions of Americans currently accessing Medicare benefits, and 10,000 new Baby Boomers turning 65 each day, the system is obviously experiencing some growing pains. Retirees, too, are often burdened with considerable out-of-pocket expenses, despite the affordability of Medicare premiums in general. A new bill, currently moving through Congress, seeks to [...]

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4 Ways to Save for Retirement Without a 401(k)

For Mark Roberts' Use: For retirement planning options, it’s hard to beat the advantages of a 401(k) plan. But if you’re one of the 42 million Americans who work for a smaller business, you probably don’t have access to one. Ditto for the self employed. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have retirement planning options. [...]

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How Does Your Net Worth Compare?

Building wealth is one of the primary tenets of financial planning, but do you ever wonder how your net worth compares to the rest of the world? We can talk about financial security all day, but what does that really mean in the grand scheme of things? Bloomberg Businessweek sought to answer this question, and [...]

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How Do You Envision Your Retirement?

For Mark Roberts' Use: Many of us tend to view retirement as the end. It’s certainly the end of your working years (unless you take up a second career in your sixties). But it’s also a beginning; once you retire, you have the time to begin new hobbies, move to a new location, and revamp [...]

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The Downside of an Early Retirement

For Mark Roberts' Use: If you’re like a lot of people, you can’t wait to retire! In fact, you might be analyzing your finances and running the numbers over and over, trying to decide if you can retire a few years earlier than planned. There’s no single retirement age that works perfectly for everyone. And [...]

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How to Avoid a Healthcare Crisis in Retirement

For Mark Roberts' Use: No one wants to face a healthcare crisis during their retirement years (or at any other time). We face many choices with regard to preventing serious illness, such as exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, or avoiding problematic behaviors like smoking. But despite healthy lifestyle choices, some things are still out [...]

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