About Mark Roberts

In addition to managing clients’ money and giving investment and diversification advice, Mark offers something that “the other guys” don’t - a unique approach to Retirement Tax Strategies and distribution. Time and time again, Mark meets with new clients who tell him they have a great relationship with their financial advisor but have never been offered information on this kind of approach to securing their financial futures. Mark has taken this feedback to heart and works tirelessly to ensure that his strategies focus on taxes and distribution. Mark started selling insurance for a major insurance company right out of high school to help put himself through college. After graduating with a degree in finance, he dove into estate planning on the financial side to set himself apart from other financial advisors. However, as changes were made to estate tax laws over time, Mark shifted his focus to income tax strategies. Mark’s philosophy is “the blue prints are more important than the wall paper or carpet.” The wall paper and carpet represent products like investments and insurance policies, whereas the blue prints represent the strategies. Once strategies that truly fit the client’s needs are put in place, our focus can shift to providing you with the right products. According to Mark, “It doesn’t matter what carpet we use if the walls are not in the right place.” Our approach to money management is designed to generate the largest alpha (quality) with the lowest standard deviation and beta (risk). By doing this, we help provide clients with the highest return on the lowest risk. Generating income for our retirees is also very important. Because withdrawing money from your portfolio hurts the account rather than helping it, our goal is to design income strategies to harm the portfolio the least making the money last longer.

Is the Time Right for a Roth Conversion?

We often think of market downturns as bad things, but we can also reap some benefits from the situation. In particular, this might be the right time to pursue tax-saving opportunities such as a Roth conversion. What is a Roth conversion? When you first established your retirement account, you choose between a traditional or Roth [...]

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Things to Know About Required Minimum Distributions

Much of retirement planning revolves around saving and investing for several decades. So you might imagine that when retirement arrives, all you need to do is start taking withdrawals from those retirement accounts. Not so fast! You might be surprised to learn that retirement planning continues after retirement! In particular, you should strategize your distribution [...]

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6 Ways to Stretch Your Social Security Income

When we talk about retirement planning, we consistently stress the idea that no one should rely on Social Security to completely fund their retirement. And yet, 31 percent of working Americans have accumulated 0 dollars in savings. Many others have saved very little. And so, it appears that a number of households expect to rely [...]

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5 Moves to Make With Your Tax Refund

Receiving a nice, fat tax refund check can provoke quite a bit of temptation. You might consider rushing off on a dream vacation, or at least purchasing an upgraded home entertainment system. But if you view your tax refund as a chance to get ahead and change your circumstances, it can make a significant difference [...]

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