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In addition to managing clients’ money and giving investment and diversification advice, Mark offers something that “the other guys” don’t - a unique approach to Retirement Tax Strategies and distribution. Time and time again, Mark meets with new clients who tell him they have a great relationship with their financial advisor but have never been offered information on this kind of approach to securing their financial futures. Mark has taken this feedback to heart and works tirelessly to ensure that his strategies focus on taxes and distribution. Mark started selling insurance for a major insurance company right out of high school to help put himself through college. After graduating with a degree in finance, he dove into estate planning on the financial side to set himself apart from other financial advisors. However, as changes were made to estate tax laws over time, Mark shifted his focus to income tax strategies. Mark’s philosophy is “the blue prints are more important than the wall paper or carpet.” The wall paper and carpet represent products like investments and insurance policies, whereas the blue prints represent the strategies. Once strategies that truly fit the client’s needs are put in place, our focus can shift to providing you with the right products. According to Mark, “It doesn’t matter what carpet we use if the walls are not in the right place.” Our approach to money management is designed to generate the largest alpha (quality) with the lowest standard deviation and beta (risk). By doing this, we help provide clients with the highest return on the lowest risk. Generating income for our retirees is also very important. Because withdrawing money from your portfolio hurts the account rather than helping it, our goal is to design income strategies to harm the portfolio the least making the money last longer.

You’ve Reached Age 50; Now What?

Once we reach age 50, most of us feel as though we have our careers on track and our finances in check. But what about your retirement plan? Are you building toward a secure future, or do some areas of your financial life still need some work? Ask yourself the following six questions to assess [...]

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Affinity “Mark” et Minute – December 15, 2021

Investment Commentary –December 12th, 2021 Year to Date Market Indices as of December 12th 2021 • Dow 35,545 (16.14%) • S&P 4,634 (23.38%) • NASDAQ 15,237 (18.13%) • Barclay Bond Aggregate (-2.89%) • Fed Funds Rate 0-0.25 (0-0.25) • Annual Inflation Rate 6.8% (As of 11/21/21) Inflation and omicron are weighing on markets. Here’s what [...]

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The Great Resignation Has Continued This Fall

The pandemic has put a lot of people out of work, due to mandatory closures, economic fallout, and other conditions associated with the virus outbreak. But something called the Great Resignation has also contributed to changing employment rates, as millions of workers have voluntarily left their jobs. But why? And is this a good thing, [...]

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6 Ways to Play Catch-Up With Your Savings

We all know that saving for retirement is important. But when life throws unexpected events our way, savings can take a backseat to medical bills, a necessary move, or some other major expense. If you realize you’ve fallen behind, the following strategies can help you catch up your retirement savings. Increase your earnings. It seems [...]

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Affinity “Mark” et Minute – November 30, 2021

Investment Commentary – November 30, 2021 Year to Date Market Indices as of November 30, 2021 • Dow 34,483 (12.67%) • S&P 4,567 (21.59%) • NASDAQ 15,537 (20.56%) • Barclay Bond Aggregate (-2.89%) • Fed Funds Rate 0-0.25 (0-0.25) • Annual Inflation Rate 5.4% (As of 10/13/21) South African doctor who first spotted the Covid [...]

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