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Why didn’t I hear about this earlier?

In his first two decades in the financial services industry, Mark Roberts learned the essentials of selling everything from insurance to a complete menu of investment products while working for major national companies. He quickly [...]

What You Should Expect From Your Financial Advisor

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Understanding the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution)

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How Long Will Your Retirement Last?

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Financial Plans Designed to Create Tax Savings

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Choosing the Right Kind of Financial Advisor

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As Seen in Forbes 2013

Independent Financial Services Firm Works for Its Clients – and Not a Company For the second year in a row, Affinity Asset Management has been featured by EMI Network in a special promotional section in Forbes magazine [...]

As Seen in Forbes 2012

You've been getting ready for years, faithfully putting away money in 401(k) plans, IRAs and other investment vehicles week after week, year after year in anticipation of the time when you would no longer work. [...]

Top Wealth Managers in 2013

The National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) publishes their list of their top Wealth Advisors, which is then published in the Kansas City Business Journal. NABCAP is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit created to [...]

Scott Ledger Radio

Mark Roberts spoke with Scott Ledger of America’s Talk Radio Network about “Blueprints” and the importance of creating a solid financial structure blueprint with detailed goals before you invest in products.

Frankie Boyer Radio

In his “Get a 2nd Opinion” interview, Mark Roberts spoke with Frankie Boyer of Biz Talk Radio. He explained our biggest fear in life is “you don’t know what you don’t know,” so [...]

Do I Need a Financial Plan for Retirement?

As seen in Kansas City Business Journal. Great question! Retirement is a big decision. You are making a life changing decision to stop working and to leave your job. If you want more certainty on [...]

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