In his first two decades in the financial services industry, Mark Roberts learned the essentials of selling everything from insurance to a complete menu of investment products while working for major national companies. He quickly became proficient at helping clients plant the seeds for their long-term retirement future.

But at a young age, Roberts also realized he didn’t know all he should about the second critical half of retirement planning. That is, the most efficient way to harvest the investment crop planted during the working years, and to make that crop last through the lifetime of its owner.

Acting on his own and at the side of experts int he field, Roberts worked to learn everything he could about income taxes, a major drain on retirement savings. By the time he was ready to start his own company, Roberts had developed a series of strategies to help reduce the impact of income taxes in retirement, maximize an individual’s contribution to a 401(k) or IRA, make strategic withdrawals for monthly income in retirement and most effectively manage his clients’ investments through the up and downs of a volatile market.

Believing his clients should expect more from an adivsor than mere advice on investment products, Roberts turned his idea s into his Affinity Asset Management company of Overland Park, Kansas. In his first book here, Roberts offers some of the simple but often unexplained “rules of money” that can help clients maximize their retirement investment through tax savings, distribution design and money management techniques that often leave clients asking, “Why didn’t I hear about this earlier?”