You saved faithfully for years, evaluated your prospective retirement income, and have set a date to finally retire… But now, in light of a rocky stock market and financial uncertainty looming, you might be reconsidering your plans.

Don’t panic and make big decisions. We’ve seen stock market slumps before, and we’ve learned from experience that making big decisions under duress often does not work out well. Talk to us first, and we can address your concerns.

Identify new opportunities. Yes, at times of major change there are often opportunities for growth. We can discuss those as well. For example, with mortgage rates plummeting this might be the perfect time to refinance your house or purchase a property at your intended retirement destination. We can discuss these ideas, and more, at our next appointment.

Don’t leap to conclusions yet. If your target retirement date is still a few years away, try not to leap to any conclusions. Yes, a rocky stock market can induce some feelings of anxiety, but temporary fluctuations have happened before. The market has time to stabilize before you retire, and there’s no need to rush a decision regarding a target retirement date that is still several years in the future.

Focus on the short term. If your target retirement date was coming up this year, you might be feeling more anxiety than the average person. Remember that you can simply postpone retirement by a few months, and then reevaluate the situation at that time. Retirement dates can always be changed, even up to the last minute.

Meet with us to discuss your options. We can’t stress this enough: Knowledge is power! Rather than make hasty decisions based on fear, let’s make an informed decision together. Give us a call to discuss your concerns, and we can help you identify all of your options. Then, together we will chart a course to proceed in light of recent events.