What Brexit Means for You

For Mark Roberts' Use: If you were surprised by the Brexit outcome on June 23, you weren’t alone. Going against polls that predicted Britain would remain with the European Union, voters actually decided to exit. And of course, markets responded negatively to the surprise. Stock prices dropped, rising bond prices caused interest rates to fall, [...]

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Is Cheap Oil Actually Hurting Us?

For Mark Roberts' Use: In the past eight months, we've watched oil prices take a tumble, from highs above 100 dollars per barrel down to about 33 dollars in February. While drivers might be happy to discover low prices at the pump, some of you might be worried about what this means for our economy [...]

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What Happened in China?

Toward the end of August, we experienced an enormous drop in our stock market that surprised many Wall Street investors. But trouble had already been brewing in China throughout the summer. Considering that China is the second largest economy in the world, and their business activity accounted for 38 percent of the globe's Gross Domestic [...]

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How Weather Affects Economic Activity

For Mark Roberts' Use: After a particularly difficult winter, we are all enjoying our warm summer weather. But before too long, winter will roll around again. Not to mention, hurricane season is upon us. Even for those of us who live far from areas affected by hurricanes, severe winter storms, or other natural disasters, our [...]

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Things to Know About Disability Insurance

For Mark Roberts' Use: Most of us consider life insurance to be an absolute necessity. In the event of your unexpected death, your family won't be left to suddenly fend for themselves without your income. But what would happen if you become disabled? You could suddenly lose your income, receive high medical bills, and have [...]

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Investing Versus Speculating

For Mark Roberts' Use: Benjamin Graham, considered by many to be the father of value investing, once said, “The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator”. This quote may be simple, but it's a powerful reminder for individuals who are still developing their investing strategies. Speculating involves large risks, [...]

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