You’re looking forward to your retirement, but you may also feel a bit anxious. You might wonder what you will do all day once your career has ended, or whether you will even enjoy retirement. As you continue to prepare for retirement in a financial sense, take the time to mentally prepare yourself by learning the secrets of happy retirees.

Happy retirees stay busy. You might be dreaming of long, carefree days without chores or to-do lists. But in reality, you might find it difficult to make such an abrupt transition. After an exciting career, it can be stressful to sit around doing nothing! Choose a few hobbies, particularly ones that keep you socially connected, and actively pursue them.

Happy retirees take care of their relationships. Married retirees generally report higher levels of happiness than singles – but only if their marriages are healthy! Continue to work on your relationship, keeping in mind that happy couples grow and change together, not apart. Retirement can be a time to rediscover your love for one another, by trying new activities or taking trips together.

Happy retirees often rent their homes. You may have felt a deep sense of pride from owning your home during your working years. After all, it was a symbol of your accomplishments. Conversely, many retirees actually feel burdened by home ownership as they grow older, and prefer the easy maintenance and freedom of renting.

Happy retirees work part-time. This might be hard to imagine now, particularly if you’ve grown bored with your career and you can’t wait to retire. But many retirees say that once they stop working, they feel a void in their lives. Consider seeking a part-time job in a field that has always interested you.

Happy retirees have their finances in order. This one probably seems like an obvious conclusion, but any discussion of a happy retirement must include a mention of finances. Schedule regular meetings with your financial planner in the years leading up to retirement, to make sure your plans are still solvent. Once you retire, continue to check in with him or her regularly.