Investment Commentary – November 13, 2019

Year to Date Market Indices as of Market Close November 13, 2019
• Dow 27,691 (18.71%)
• S&P 3,091 (23.34%)
• NASDAQ 8,486 (27.89%)
• Gold $1,464 (13.98%)
• Oil $57.03 (23.53%)
• Barclay Bond Aggregate (7.91%)
• All World Index (19.16%)
• Fed Funds Rate 1.75 (Three -0.25 rate cuts 2019)
• US Real GDP Growth 1.9 Q3/2019 (Down from 2.0 in Q2)

Trump says U.S.-China deal could happen soon and speaks at New York fundraiser

President Donald Trump on Tuesday called a U.S.-China trade deal close, as he also spoke at a fundraiser in New York.


Speaking to the Economic Club of New York, Trump described the first phase of a trade agreement as something that “could happen soon,” but gave no details on finalizing a pact. In the speech he also touted U.S. job creation and blasted the Federal Reserve, a frequent punching bag, for cutting interest rates too slowly. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is scheduled to appear in back-to-back testimonies on Capitol Hill Wednesday and Thursday.

U.S. stocks DJIA, +0.00% SPX, +0.16% COMP, +0.26% held on to modest gains as Trump spoke. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished unchanged, while the S&P 500 index advanced around 5 points and the Nasdaq added 22 points.


While in New York, Trump spoke at a luncheon fundraiser hosted by America First Action, a super PAC supporting his re-election.

The organization raised $4 million through the event, CNBC reported.

Trowe Price RMD Reminder:
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Make that five: For the first time since February, the S&P 500 has risen for five weeks in a row. The major indexes extended their recent steady climb, setting new record highs and gaining around 1% for the week as quarterly earnings season continued to provide some modest lift.

Earnings outlook: While third-quarter earnings results continued to come in slightly ahead of expectations, the outlook for the fourth quarter has recently worsened. Analysts project that fourth-quarter earnings among S&P 500 companies will slip 0.4%, according to FactSet. If there’s another decline, it would mark the fourth consecutive quarter of earnings contraction—the first such instance in three and a half years.

Tariff rollback?: Growing optimism about prospects for a partial trade agreement between the United States and China lifted stocks on Thursday, as Chinese officials indicated they expected the two nations would roll back tariffs imposed earlier in the conflict. However, President Trump said on Friday that the White House hadn’t committed to such concessions.

Consumer contentment: With holiday shopping around the corner, a gauge of U.S. consumer sentiment rose, easing concerns about prospects of a recession. The University of Michigan said on Friday that its preliminary index of November consumer sentiment was up slightly from the previous month.

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