10. We don’t judge clients by their money.
– No minimum income or asset size is required for you to work with us.

9. We combine the benefits of large-company luxuries with small-company relationship management.
– We pride ourselves on building personal and intimate relationships with each and every customer but have the ability to go the extra mile in service with our in-house management team and tax preparer.

8. We offer clients a full-service experience through our extensive professional network.
– We have built relationships with trusted colleagues to whom we can direct you to for indepth consultations about tax and legal issues, mortgages, planning services and much more.

7. We ensure that each client receives consistent account reviews.
– We provide reviews on a regular basis with our clients to discuss their accounts and compare our performance to the market.

6. We focus on service over sales.
– Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff is made up of more service and account management professionals than sales staff. We’re committed to caring about our clients.

5. We make education a top priority.
– Whether you are a new or existing client, we’ll never stop working to build your knowledgebase. Visit our Resource Center to learn more about our services.

4. We provide clients in-house account management and tailored financial plans.
– If advisors are working with clients and the back-office staff is focusing on administrative tasks, who’s watching your money?
We have dedicated people who are looking out for you.

3. We customize a distribution design to fit each client’s needs.
– When you make withdrawals from your accounts to cover living expenses, you’re not helping your accounts, you are hurting the accounts. We’ll show you how to make those withdrawals while causing the least amount of harm.

2. We specialize in tax strategies.
– When implementing a tax strategy, we’ll show you how to create your largest spendable income on the smallest tax return.

1. We work for our clients and not a company.
– As an independent financial advisory office, we’re not being told what, when or how to sell. We represent you, the client, and work to help you achieve your goals rather than focusing on helping a company achieve theirs.

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