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In addition to managing clients’ money and giving investment and diversification advice, Mark offers something that “the other guys” don’t - a unique approach to Retirement Tax Strategies and distribution. Time and time again, Mark meets with new clients who tell him they have a great relationship with their financial advisor but have never been offered information on this kind of approach to securing their financial futures. Mark has taken this feedback to heart and works tirelessly to ensure that his strategies focus on taxes and distribution. Mark started selling insurance for a major insurance company right out of high school to help put himself through college. After graduating with a degree in finance, he dove into estate planning on the financial side to set himself apart from other financial advisors. However, as changes were made to estate tax laws over time, Mark shifted his focus to income tax strategies. Mark’s philosophy is “the blue prints are more important than the wall paper or carpet.” The wall paper and carpet represent products like investments and insurance policies, whereas the blue prints represent the strategies. Once strategies that truly fit the client’s needs are put in place, our focus can shift to providing you with the right products. According to Mark, “It doesn’t matter what carpet we use if the walls are not in the right place.” Our approach to money management is designed to generate the largest alpha (quality) with the lowest standard deviation and beta (risk). By doing this, we help provide clients with the highest return on the lowest risk. Generating income for our retirees is also very important. Because withdrawing money from your portfolio hurts the account rather than helping it, our goal is to design income strategies to harm the portfolio the least making the money last longer.

Affinity “Mark” et Minute – October 18, 2017

Investment Commentary – October 17th, 2017 Market Indices as of Market Close October 17th, 2017 Dow 22,997 (16.37% YTD) S&P 2,559 (14.32% YTD) NASDAQ 6,623 (23.05% YTD) Global DOW 2,955 (16.91% YTD) Gold $1,287 (10.44%) OIL $52.00 (-8.85%) US 10Y Treasury 2.29 (-14.61%) Barclay Bond Aggregate (3.35% YTD) Wall St. ends little changed; Dow brushes [...]

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Affinity “Mark” et Minute – October 10, 2017

Investment Commentary – October 10th, 2017 Market Indices as of Market Close October 10th, 2017 Dow 22,830 (17.71% YTD) S&P 2,550 (15.73% YTD) NASDAQ 6,587 (22.37% YTD) Gold $1,293 (10.87%) OIL $51.03 (-10.52%) US 10Y Treasury 2.34 (-10.34%) Barclay Bond Aggregate (3.15% YTD) U.S. stock futures slip with Fed minutes, earnings on tap U.S. stock [...]

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Assessing Your Risk Tolerance

Peter Lynch once said, “In the long run, it’s not just how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It’s how much of that money you put to work by saving it and investing it.” We all know that stashing money in our mattresses isn’t a smart way to prepare for retirement. [...]

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Affinity “Mark” et Minute – October 4, 2017

Investment Commentary –October 4th, 2017 Market Indices as of Market Close October 4th, 2017 Dow 22,641 (16.67% YTD) S&P 2,534 (11.57% YTD) NASDAQ 6,531 (21.34% YTD) Global Dow 2,891 (14.34%) Gold $1,280 (9.83%) OIL $50.28 (-11.80%) US 10Y Treasury 2.313 (-13.21%) Barclay Bond Aggregate (3.47% YTD) Puerto Rico bonds tumble to record lows after Trump [...]

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Affinity “Mark” et Minute – September 26, 2017

Investment Commentary –September 26th, 2017 Market Indices as of Market Close September 26th, 2017 Dow 22,284 (12.76% YTD) S&P 2,497 (11.57% YTD) NASDAQ 6,380 (18.52% YTD) Global Dow 2,891 (14.34%) Gold $1,299.10 (11.91%) OIL $51.92 (-11.82%) US 10Y Treasury 2.28 (-20.95%) Barclay Bond Aggregate (3.47% YTD) Wall Street ends unchanged while tech bounces back (Reuters) [...]

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Another Way to Prepare for Retirement

For Mark Roberts' Use: Turn on the evening news on any given day, and you’re likely to see at least one story on healthcare. The cost of healthcare is rising, representatives can’t agree on a healthcare bill, health insurance companies are dropping out of marketplaces… The list goes on and on. Healthcare is no doubt [...]

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Affinity “Mark” et Minute – September 21, 2017

Investment Commentary –September 20th, 2017 Market Indices as of Market Close September 20th, 2017 Dow 22,412 (13.41% YTD) S&P 2,508 (12.03% YTD) NASDAQ 6,456 (19.93% YTD) Global Dow 2,905 (14.34%) Gold $1,304 (11.91%) OIL $50.29 (-11.82%) US 10Y Treasury 2.271 (-17.41%) Barclay Bond Aggregate (3.28% YTD) Fed keeps U.S. rates steady, to start portfolio drawdown [...]

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Why didn’t I hear about this earlier?

In his first two decades in the financial services industry, Mark Roberts learned the essentials of selling everything from insurance to a complete menu of investment products while working for major national companies. He quickly became proficient at helping clients plant the seeds for their long-term retirement future. But at a young age, Roberts also [...]

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